Olya Prevo-White

For 6 years, Website Builder VT has been hosting a website for the charitable organization, Sasha’s Superhero I chair as the Race Director. In the beginning, after the website was build, we scheduled a brief training session, when Michael introduced me to the admin editing functions. The backbone of the site is very powerful, yet logical and simple to use. Since that session, I have been able to manage the website mostly independently: modify content to match the changing needs of our organization, add new pages, create new links and attachments. I love having the power to make changes to the site and ability to do so at my convenience. There were a handful of times when the changes I needed involved modifying more complex imagery and design features, so I couldn’t do it on my own. Michael responded to those requests in the timely manner and implemented the changes quickly. In addition, Website Builder VT team has developed our organization’s logo and helped us redesign it after the organization pivoted. It is apparent that the team at Meehan Solutions stays ahead of the curve with the most recent developments in the industry. They are a pleasure to communicate and work with. I highly recommend Website Builder VT to anyone for their website development needs.